3 March 2016

From The Mouth Of Palmer: Volume 3

This girl of ours is getting smarter and smarter by the day, and every day, there is something new and surprising that comes from her mouth. So, here is "From The Mouth of Palmer: Volume 3." You can find volume 1 and volume 2 here.

  • One day I asked her "How did you get so smart." Palmer replied with, "I got it at Costco!" Like, duh mom, you can get anything at Costco!
  • If something happens (like spilled drink, or knocking something over) she shrugs her shoulders and says "It's ok. It happens."
  • Annoyed by me, she asked:
    • P: Mom, what are you doing??
    • Me: Playing with your hair.
    • P: But, its not a toy!
  • When sitting around the supper table, she will say "This is a nice party!" then go on to name everyone at the party!
  • Her favourite thing is making Charlie smile and always says "Mom, look! I made Charlie smile!"
  • "Mom, why is Charlie crying?" Because, honey. Babies cry.
  • "Mom, can I be your helper?"
  • She has this thing lately with washing her hair, so negotiates about bath time with "Otay, I'll have a bath but you can't use shampoop." Yes, she says shampoop!
  • She's hit threenager status in full force, and I have to ask her numerous times to stop being a whiner. "Otay mommy. I don't want to be a whiner anymore!"
  • Lately, we have been getting all kinds of Paw Patrol references. Half of them I don't even know. One of her favourites (which I assume is from Paw Patrol) is "Have an ear scratch."
  • Still on the Paw Patrol reference, I asked her to go get me a kleenex for Charlie's boogers. She runs back. I said thank you and she replied with "No job is too big, no pup is too small"
  • "Sure I can," is another common phrase from her. 
  • "Can we go have breakfast now?" is asked every single morning, usually too early!
  • and one of my favourites, "it's upside backwards!" whenever anything is upside-down, inside-out, or backwards.
  • and, if she doesn't like something, or doesn't want you to do something, waving both hands back and forth, she says, "no, no, no, no, no!"

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