25 July 2013

My DIY Rag Rug

So, I came across a rug like this on Pinterest and thought, yup, I can do this. So....I did! The one I found on Pinterest though, the lady said she ended up spending $130 on this darn rug (because the fabric was so expensive). Well...instead of using fabric from a fabric store, which can be expensive, I picked up some bed sheets that were on clearance at Walmart for $5! Way better deal!

Then, I cut the sheets into approx 1" x 6" strips. This was annoying and tedious. 
 Then I started tying them on to the rug backing that we had. I was doing double knots (probably didnt have to be but I wanted to make sure if I washed it, all my hard work wouldnt come undone). Then you just keep tying knots, knots, and more knots! 

The rug was pretty time consuming, but I think it looks great! I plan to use this rug in Palmer's Playroom, maybe in front of a comfy chair next to a bookcase. Maybe. 

(I'm still not quite done, but it's getting close. I will post a picture when its fully completed!!)


  1. Looks great!! Love the colors, too!! :)

  2. Looks great and the discount sheets was a good idea. Jus one question u buy pre cut fabric. I really want to make one but don't feel like cutting fabric.

    1. Another post I read sais you can cut a small slit in the end and just pull! You would still need to cut to the correct legnth.