26 July 2013

Friday - Our Week in Fabulous Photos

Jumping in my Jumparoo
Jumping so hard Mommy can't take a good picture!

Turned 6 months old

Got my headband stuck and Mommy laughed and took a picture before helping me!

Ate my toes and showed off my clothbum

Took naps in what look like very uncomfortable positions!

Laid around naked (and loved it)

Sat in a shopping cart like a big girl at ToysRUs

Played with some toys

Took more naps

Played with my new toys

Played with Brody's toys...
...and his ears!
Sent funny pictures to Daddy

1 comment :

  1. Love the picture of the "three little angels"! Looks like Brody is having fun - as are the other two angels!