31 July 2013

What We Did Wednesday

Today was another pretty low key day in the Lowe house. Palmer and I didn't do too much in the morning. Just did some much needed lazing around the house! O then decided that noon was a good time to head to AMA to pay for our vehicle registrations, which were due today. Boy was I wrong. We got there and here were 4 people in line ahead of us and pretty soon there were 4-5 people in line behind us. No kidding, there were 2 desks open, and at 1215, one of the girls decided it was time for her lunch! Seriously! So, Palmer and I waited and we waited and we waited!! Of course, Palmer started to get antsy and bored, much like I was, and finally at 1245 we were out of there!! Note to self: next year a) don't go at noon and b) don't wait until the day it's due!!!

I decided I wanted to make a delicious supper tonight. Mitch had the evening off so before heading home Palmer and I stopped at the grocery store! She is finally big enough to sit in the cart by herself, which is seriously a million times better than trying to fit the car seat into the stupid buggy! A friend of mine kent us a cart cover and it's great!! It's cushiony for Palmer's little bum and I don't have to worry about her putting her hands or face on the dirty cart!! 

It was pretty nice out today so I took the veggies I bought at the store outside to cut. I hauled palmer's high chair out to the deck with me and we enjoyed the afternoon outside. 

I had done this before and today seemed like another good day to do it; I poured some water onto the top of the high chair and let Palmer splash around in it! It's pretty funny to watch. Every time the water splashes up it surprises her! Too cute!!! 

Hanging out with Daddy
After playing outside for a bit, we went for a family walk, put Palmer to bed, and Mitch and I ate some delicious chicken Parmesan with Greek salad!! So yummy!! 

Chicken Parmesan, tortellini, and greek salad! YUM!
Leaf wanted some chicken too!

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  1. I love the water on the highchair activity! Especially for outside on a hot day! :)