19 July 2013

Friday - Our Week In Fabulous Photos

Played outside
Sat in my Grandpas' cars

Played outside some more

ate bananas
Played on the swings at Henderson Park

Mommy went camera happy (as usual)
Played outside with Daddy

and Grandpa
and Grandma

and went swimming in my pool


slept in my new "supergirl" jammies

tried out my new cloth diapers

at Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary

crazy clouds before yet another storm

after the storm, outside our house

mmm...peaches! Yummy!!

after eating peaches!

1 comment :

  1. Grandma Baillie19 July 2013 at 15:08

    In case anyone was wondering, the people in the "lake" picture are looking for the storm drain which was plugged with weeds and garbage. LOL

    Love the Blog . . . swimming pictures, especially the peach picture, Grandpa and car pictures, and all the family fun pictures. Palmer is a lucky little girl to have so may people who love her and we are all so lucky to have her!!!