6 July 2013

I'm Done With Blowouts!!!

I have recently been considering switching to cloth diapers. I always thought they were “gross” and I was turned off by the fact you had to clean poop into the toilet, but I have come to realize, baby poop is not nice no matter what so why not save the environment and a few bucks?!?  What really opened my eyes was a fellow baby steps mama, nurse, and blogger who posted about it here. She made so many valid points. Not only do they pay for themselves after 6 months, but you can use them for a second baby, use the shells for swimming, and the list goes on and on. Of course, there is quite a large upfront cost, much more considerable than buying a box of diapers, but by starting them now, we could save ourselves $1500 or more in disposable diapers over the course of Palmer’s diaper-wearing days!

Here is a (small) list of reasons I’m considering the switch:
  1.  NO MORE BLOWOUTS!!! Just tonight we had poop all the way up Palmer’s neck! Who wants to clean that up? Who even knows how to clean that up? Trying to take the onsie off that is poop filled up that high without getting it all over baby, I had it on the bathroom rug, her head, myself. It’s a gross mess! Cloth diapers = no blowouts!!
  2.  Saving the environment. If you read the post from the blog I linked, you will see it takes 250-500 years for a diaper to decompose! NASTY!
  3. Better on baby’s skin. Disposables are full of chemicals. Cloth diapers are natural and soft on baby’s bum. Way less diaper rash too!!
  4. Cost savings. Like I mentioned, there is a bigger upfront cost, but after you’ve bought everything you need, that’s it for the 2-3 years of diaper-wearing by baby. Disposables cost us roughly $0.25 each, using approx 8/day = $2/day. Multiply this by 365 days/year  = $730/year on disposable diapers. Palmer will be wearing diapers for another 2-3 years….that’s a lot of money spend on diapers!

So, although we are still on the fence, I am heavily leaning towards making the switch to GroVia diapers. Plus, they come in super cute colours and patterns!

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