11 March 2015

A Day In The Life: A Working Mama

I have been wanting to do one of these posts for awhile now, but I felt that doing a post that was our days off was not a true reflection of what our daily lives are actually like! Since I work full-time outside the home, the majority of our days are spent like this:

5:33am - Alarm goes off. Both Mitch and I are up and getting ready for our day. He has been starting work at 6:00am.

6:08am - Wake Palmer, get her ready for her day. Stop off at the potty, and get dressed.

6:16am - Let the dog out. It's a nice day, so he will stay out all day.

6:18am - Starting to get Palmer ready to get out the door. Nearly everyday is a fight to get a coat on, shoes, and get out the door.

6:22am - Out the door. Thank goodness, because it is often a much harder task than this, and often times we end up running late and I HATE feeling late!!

6:28am - Drop Palmer off at the dayhome. 

6:44am - Arrive to work and get myself organized. 

7:00am - Work day starts.

9:45am - Break time. 

12:30am - Lunch time. Eat my lunch, browse my phone.  

3:24pm - Home time. Thank goodness!!! The first day back after a few days off is always hard!

3:45pm - Pick-up Palmer from dayhome

3:49pm - We start the drive home. Palmer usually requests "Shay It Off" so we rock out to T. Swift!

3:55pm - Get home. We head out to check the mail, then we plop down our bags and get some snacks started.

4:03pm - Palmer does her usual "chore" of feeding Leaf.

4:06pm - We enjoy snacks outside because it is gorgeous outside!

4:08pm - Slight meltdown because Leaf helped himself to her Teddy Graham cookies
4:10pm - Meltdown over, we enjoy the weather and play outside for awhile!

4:46pm - Start to make supper and we play games and read while we wait for Daddy to get home. 
5:42pm - Daddy's home and we eat supper!

6:02pm - "Mmmm, dood (good) suppa"

6:04pm - "I don't want suppa"

7:02pm - Palmer and Mitch play; they make puzzles and read books while I make a quick batch of muffins.

7:22pm - We enjoy "smoonies" (smoothies) and our freshly baked muffins.

7:35pm - Bath time. Sometimes it's a fight, other times she get so excited. Tonight was a fine. Mitch does this while I take Leaf for a walk. The weather was great, so the walk was refreshing!

7:42pm - Palmer picks our her own jammies, socks and a diaper. She's got this routine down!

8:05pm - Palmer picks out one book (she usually negotiates 2 or more, and of course, we fall for it every time).

8:07pm - Goodnight kisses and hugs. We say "i wuw you" and Palmer gets tucked in for the night.

8:15pm - Palmer's in bed. Mitch and I relax for a short while, watching TV and catching up on each others' days. Then its time to do a quick toy pickup and tidying of the house.

8:17pm - I hear fake cries coming from Palmer, and realize Mr Elephant is sitting right in front of us on the coffee table. How could we have forgot Mr. Elephant???

8:45pm - I get in the shower. There is something I love about crawling into bed after a hot shower!

8:56pm - I let the dog in for the night and hope that he is satisfied with staying in all night. 

9:03pm - I quickly browse through social media, finish up the last couple points on this post and make sure my alarm is on, to start this day all over again tomorrow!!

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