18 March 2015

From The Mouth Of Palmer: Volume 1

Palmer has exploded with words in the past few months and it has been nothing short of awesome!! We can now have real actual conversations and its pretty incredible!! Listening to Palmer talk certainly makes my heart smile, and sometimes, she says some pretty hilarious stuff. Sometimes she will say words that I didn't even know she knew, little smarty pants!!! I love that she has a way of saying things that are her own; she says it with her own little twist that so suits her personality!!

With this language explosion comes some pretty funny stuff and the beginning of my From The Mouth of Palmer series:

  • Anytime she needs to say thank you, its so much more than that....  "Taint you soooo much"
  • We were sitting on the couch before bed, and I hadn't even mentioned bedtime yet and Palmer looks up at me and says "I not tired, Mommy."
  • She was in the Dollar Store with Mitchell's mom. She had asked Palmer if she wanted some juice, or a few other things. Palmer kept saying no, until she found a little notepad and stickers. She grabbed it and said "Nan, I need this."
  • Palmer spilled a little bit of water on the floor and when I asked her who spilled the water, she replied with "It was Weafy."
  • She's got a little attitude sometimes and when I ask Palmer to do something, sometimes I get a "talk to the hand" hand and she says, "No. I dote (don't) want to."
  • If I am busy cleaning or trying to make supper and she wants me to sit and read her a book it's "MOM. Sit down."
  • The lady at the bakery in the grocery store gave her a cookie the other day and she said to me "Dat was nice fo her, mommy. Wight?"
  • She over heard a conversation between Mitchell and I, and she started saying "bullshoe."  Yes Palmer, it's bullshoe!!!
  • She will randomly request for us to play "Shay It Off"
  • "NO, dat's bad. It's mine." when Leaf is sniffing at her toys.
  • "I do it." anytime she wants to do it herself.
  • "You so siwwee (silly)" whenever someone does something funny.
  • Sometimes I whistle at Leaf for him to come inside so Palmer puts her fingers to her mouth life I do and says "WEEEEET"
  • And, anytime Bubble Guppies is over, she requests more with "Mo Bubble Duppies, peese."
There are seriously a million more and I have started to write them down. I want to give her a book of all her funny sayings when she is older and will appreciate the hilarity in them!

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