21 September 2013

8 months: Palmer's Life

Sleep has basically been the same, with one minor hiccup. Palmer was an hour late for bedtime one night last week, which threw her off course for a couple nights. Needless to say, that won't be happening again! We now know even better, the importance of a schedule and routine!

New Skills and Developments:
1. We officially had a crawler on our hands September 3rd (the day I returned to work). Every day she gets a little better. It started as a slither across the floor to a toy and has developed into a push-from-one-knee, pull-with-her-arms kind of crawl.
2. Waving. Palmer is starting to get the hang of it. Sometimes she will do it, other times she won't, but nonetheless, she knows how to (sometimes with lots of encouragement) and its really cute when she does it!
3. Eating whole foods. We have started weaning out the purees and introducing more and more whole foods. Palmer likes muffins, cheese, fruits, pancakes, baby puffs, etc etc. Yesterday she tried steamed broccoli for the first time too!
4. Palmer can now nearly pull herself up. I put a toy on the coffee table and she tries her hardest to get up. Sometimes she can get to standing by herself by using me as a jungle gym. 
5. Palmer was fitted for her Starband helmet this month (read it here), so starting Tuesday, she will be wearing her cranial remolding helmet 23 hours a day. Hopefully she warms up to it quickly and we don't have too many sleepless nights!
6. Palmer now has 2 teeth and took it like a champ! I thought for awhile we were maybe working on the top ones, but it seems to have been put on hold for a while?
7. Starting yesterday, Palmer can get from her tummy to sitting up all by herself! Its funny how all her milestones happen the day before the next month starts!

Palmer's Likes:
1. Eating. Palmer loves to eat. It really doesn't matter what it is, as long as it gets in her mouth, she's happy!
2. Sophie the Giraffe. I don't know what it is about this toy that kids love so much, but whatever it is, Palmer likes it.  
3. Moving. We can't keep this girl still! She is always on the move. She wants to be jumping, crawling to the toy across the floor, rolling around, anything to keep from being still. Palmer met my Grandma for the first time last week, and she kept commenting on how busy Palmer was. 
4. The tickle monster. We use to get tickled by the tickle monster when we were kids, and now with Palmer, I just have to hold up my hand and say "here comes the tickle monster" and she laughs, even before I start to tickle!

Everything Else:
- Palmer is starting to really dislike diaper changes
- Palmer wears clothes ranging from pants at 3-6 months to tops at 12-18 months and everything in between
- She hates having her nose wiped
- She is starting to get cranky with getting dressed...
- Palmer is usually full of smiles, but when meeting someone new, she takes plenty of time to examine them before flashing a smile.

Our Thoughts:
I am really starting to see Palmer's little personality shine though. Now that she is becoming much more independent and interactive, it is easier to see her little characteristics. I can see bits and pieces of Mitchell and I in her, but she is mostly just Palmer. She has little temper tantrums when she wants something. She has the cutest little laugh you'll ever hear. And her little chicklet smile is the most adorable ting I've ever seen. For the most part, Palmer is a happy little girl. We can count ourselves pretty lucky so far. I can count the number of major meltdowns in the last 8 months on one hand (knock on wood). Here's to hoping the next month goes as smoothly as that last 8!

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  1. She is so cute. Love the pictures. Everyone tells me that the time with a baby goes so fast.