21 October 2013

9 months: Palmer's Life

I can hardly believe that it has been 9 months. Time is moving in warp speed!! I am just in awe when I think of all the things that have happened in the past 9 months.

She seriously couldn't sit still long enough for a photo!
New Skills and Developments:
1. Palmer is showing understanding of different words we say, which is so exciting. I can tell she is learning everyday. She can make "kisses"  and she will show you how big she is when asked.

2. She is able to pull herself to standing now. Palmer is getting really good at pulling herself up from the floor and sometimes, she can get from one side of the couch to the other. It won't be long now before she is cruising all over the place.
3. Palmer now has 5 teeth. 2 bottom ones and 3 on the top. And like before, she took it all like a champ. The worst she had was a snotty nose and a rash (which I'll take over a fussy non-sleeping baby any day!!)
4. Palmer has now had her starband helmet for 4 weeks now and we have already noticed a huge difference (I'll post a update soon).
5. Babbling up a storm! Although there have been no real words, we are certainly getting very, very close to some!! It was like all of a sudden, yesterday she just flipped a switch and is making all sorts of new sounds!

6. Palmer loves to watch the bath tub fill up. maybe because she knows she'll soon be getting in the water? Nonetheless, she loves it!

Palmer's Favourites:
1. oranges
2. puffs (and anything else she can feed herself)
3. swimming and splashing
4. books. Whether she's being read to or just holding it herself and looking at the pictures, Palmer has taken a liking to books (which is awesome!)

Palmer's Dislikes:
- She is still a little squirmer when it comes to diaper changes and getting dressed.
- getting her teeth brushed
- having her nose wiped or face washed

I am getting excited to see what is next to come. It seems like every day Palmer is hitting a new milestone. Walking. Talking. So much more fun things ahead. In one way, I am sad my baby isn't too much of a baby anymore, but on the other hand, I am loving the little person she is growing into and can't wait to see more!!!

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  1. So sweet, love the pictures.

  2. Palmer is such a busy little girl. She advances so much from one week to the next! Love all the "wrestling" with the giraffe! She is so very close to walking and talking - such a special angel!