15 October 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up (on Tuesday) and Palmer's Playroom

Like the past several Thanksgiving weekend, we headed down to Whitefish, MT to spend some time shopping, golfing (Mitch) and getting away for a few days.

We were lucky enough to get to spend a couple days with my mom before we started our mini-vacay and lucky to have her spend the weekend here dog-sitting for us! AND, we came home to some delicious
 turkey dinner (my favorite!!).

Friday we made the drive down to Whitefish. As much as I don't enjoy riding in the truck for so long, the drive really is beautiful!  I tried to capture some pictures, but attempting to take photos while riding in a truck is difficult!

||Saturday|| & ||Sunday||
The girls spent the days shopping and touring Whitefish and Kalispell while the boys did their golfing.

We made a quick trip to Kalispell for some speed shopping then had to start the drive back home as I had to work at 3pm. Like Palmer, I too was worn out after the weekend!

Palmer's Playroom
While in Whitefish, we were able to pick up a few things we needed to make Palmer's Playroom a little more kid-friendly.

curtains | floor mats

Now, I just have a few more items to arrange in the playroom before it will be "complete"

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  1. As always, I love the Palmer pictures! Can't pick a favourite because they are all so special!

    Love to all,