11 October 2013

5 on Friday

It's been a couple weeks since I last linked up for 5 on Friday (I was on the night shift at work last week!!!), so I'm linking up this week to share my 5 thoughts!


I had all week off this week, and it was super! Although being back to work hasn't been terrible, it certainly is nice to be able to be home with Mitchell and Palmer for a few days and spend some time as a family.

We are heading to Whitefish, MT this weekend for some golf/shopping/vacation time. We go to Whitefish every year for Canadian Thanksgiving because Mitchell plays in a golf tournament. This will be the first year with Palmer. I really enjoy going to Whitefish. It is such a beautiful place.

Palmer has cut 2 new teeth this week: her top right and the on to the right of that one. Hopefully the left side grows in quickly so she doesn't look like a snaggle tooth!

With fall in full swing not, I have been wanting to decorate the house more for fall, but with all this working of nights I have been doing, this is as far as I have gotten. Hopefully I can get some more decor ASAP! Maybe our trip to Whitefish will bring me some items to use!

I am trying to track down a mini pink Toronto Maple Leaf jersey for Palmer for this hockey season. It's proving to be a little more difficult (and expensive) than I thought.

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  1. That pink jersey is so stinkin' cute! Have a great weekend in Whitefish!!