20 June 2013

I Love Bananas!

On Tuesday, Palmer had her first taste of bananas…they were a huge hit!

When she was born, I thought I wanted to follow everything “by the book.” You soon find out that that rarely happens and the child will lead you (in everything!!!) We learned through baby class, books, and the public health nurses that “babies aren’t to have solids until 6 months.” And I was told numerous times that we should be waiting the extra month (because she was a preemie) to introduce solids until one doctor told me otherwise, and it made so much sense! Why start formula at 5 months if they are showing interest in food or look hungry when you can start solids?
Eagerly awaiting my first taste of bananas!

Palmer met a lot of the criteria for starting solids, so I figured why not? If she wasn’t ready, she would let us know. She was staring at our food as we ate, she was between 4-6 months, and she had more than doubled her birth weight.

She loves bananas! Avacados are next on the list!

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  1. I love these pictures of her!!! SO CUTE! Scarlett loves Bananas, I still can't get Avocado into her... ha ha Sweet Potatoes are another favorite :)