26 June 2013

What We Did Wednesday

First thing this morning, we tried out oatmeal baby cereal…

Palmer patiently waiting for breakfast

And this is how well it went over…
"Mommy, I don't like this"

Then we mixed in some bananas, and Palmer liked that much better. I guess the key is to not eat it plain! Maybe tomorrow we can try some pears or apples with it, see how that goes.

Earlier today, I saw a posting on Facebook about a lady who was collecting donations for flood victims; a trailer company in Lethbridge is lending her a trailer to collect donations in and take up to the High River/Calgary areas to help out those who lost everything in the floods that devastated much of Southern Alberta last week.
The trailer that will be used for donations

We had a bag full of clothes and such in the garage that I had planned on taking to donate somewhere in town (I had been too lazy to load it up in the escape and take it anywhere…but now I had the perfect reason).  A couple weeks ago I had also gone through some of the clothes people had so kindly given to us for Palmer (they were all still sitting in a pile on the floor in her room), so we packed those up too, along with some non-perishable food items, various toiletries that we had collected (stole?) from hotel rooms in the past, like shampoos, soaps, etc, a fleece blanket, face cloths and a couple towels (these were not stolen from the hotels, don’t worry).  When Palmer and I went to the house to drop it all off, it looked like there was already a good amount of donated items. I saw everything from clothes, to children’s toys, to a bassinet, food, winter jackets, books. The lady just posted the information this morning, and already today had all this stuff sitting in front of her house.  I meant to take a picture, but forgot.
Our donated items
I saw businesses advertising on Facebook to help Alberta flood victims; everything from a local yoga studio having free classes all day and accepting donations instead to give to Red Cross, Photographers offering those individuals who had pictures done with them free copies of their pictures and free sessions to make new memories, grocery stores shipping up truck loads of bottled water to High River and other affected areas, along with dozens of individuals donating what they could to help!
 It’s really great to see how much people are willing to help when people are in need, because once these people are allowed back to what is left of their homes, a lot of them are going to need everything.

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