8 October 2014

Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Today, as I was looking through our closet trying to get some ideas for our planned (but unscheduled) family photos coming up (hopefully soon - after hair cuts and colors), I realized I have A LOT of clothes that I don't wear. Some I probably have never worn. Others that I bought in university (or even before!! WHAT?) and seriously haven't touched since then. Nonetheless, I have way too many that are just sitting there, looking for a new home. I think now is the perfect time to re-home these pieces and I know exactly the place to give them.

I plan to take my clothes to the local YMCA: Harbour House. The Harbour House is a crisis unit here in Lethbridge for women and children who are escaping abusive situations. I have never taken stuff here before but I have heard they are so grateful for any donations they receive as often times they just pick up and leave with nothing but the clothes on their back. I know it will be much appreciated as I have seen a small sliver of some situations while working in the hospital.

Anyways, back to our photoshoot clothing ideas. I have a couple ideas for outfit colours...but deciding will likely be more difficult. I am not about to go out and purchase an entire new wardrobe for all 3 of us (although I would like to do some shopping!), so finding pieces we already have will likely be a major part of the colour decision.

Here are a few examples I've come up with:

Option One: Navy Blue

Option Two: Grey

Option Three: Deep Red

(collages made on polyvore)

I'm hoping to find a few new pieces this weekend on our trip to Whitefish! What are your favorite colours for family photos??

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