9 October 2014

Another Friday Post!

Friday is here! Yay! This week Friday actually means Friday.
Friday means the weekend!!!

Friday means we are heading out of town for a few days to one of my favorite places; Whitefish, MT.
We head down to Whitefish every Canadian Thanksgiving:; Mitch and his dad golf while us girl shop. Always a good time and we often come back with far too many things from our Costco shop. Nevertheless, I'm always happy to go. Whitefish is so beautiful and now that Palmer is older, we may try to find a few activities she is able to enjoy!  AND, perhaps I can convince Mitch to allow his sister to snap a few family photos of us near the lake or with the mountains in the background!

Anyways, on to my 5 Friday things:

{ one } Every so often, I enter a giveaway on Instagram. I never really expect to win as I am certain sometimes thousands of people enter, but, this past week I entered one and I won! I won a $20 shop credit to this cute little Etsy shop, SewCuteCreations4You. This is what I chose:

{ two } Whenever I get my stretch of days off, I like to get Palmer to the library for Rhyme Time. Palmer seriously loves it! She is getting so good at all the actions to the songs. Melts my heart!  I tried to get a good video of her doing some of the songs this week, but I have to video behind her because once she sees I'm videoing her, she stops.

{ three } And, P is turning into quite the little dancer! We had TWO dance parties on Wednesday. One in the morning to practice our moves and another one when daddy got home from work! So. Much. Fun!

{ four } This is what my kitchen table looks like, and here I am, trying to finish up this post...
I feel like there is so much to do before we leave for Whitefish tomorrow, and so little time to do it in. Yet, again, here I am.

Maybe it's because I know some of my best work gets done when time is ticking down?
Yes, lets go with that!

{ five } And, Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend with family and friends and enjoy yourselves some delicious turkey!!!

I'm partying here
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