15 July 2015

From The Mouth Of Palmer: Volume 2

This little girl of ours is growing up so quickly right before our eyes. I cannot even believe she is 2.5. And what blows my mind even more is her little personality. I could honestly sit there all day and watch her play and talk and imagine. I can't believe I have conversations with this little person. It amazes me how much and how well she talks.  And the things she comes up with, sometimes I can't even.

So here I am with my second edition of From The Mouth Of Palmer. See the first one here!

  • The new on that gets me these days is  "oh man!" It seriously kills me!
  • I'm not sure where this one came from, but lately when she says thank you it's "Thank you for everything"
  • When she's upset and crying, and you ask her something (maybe like "do you need to go have a rest?" she politely says  "No thank you!"
  • This one I love!! She wasn't eating her supper too well (as is the story almost every night now) and Mitch got up for a second helping. She asked me where daddy went. I said Daddy is a big boy and ate all his supper so he went to get more. So, when he came back to the table she said, "Hey, big boy!" we just about died laughing!
  • "Mama, will you tuddo (cuddle) me?" and how can you say no to that??
  • We have hit the "why" stage of toddlerhood, and its difficult to come up with answers sometimes. 
    • P: Why??
    • Me: Because
    • P: Why?
    • Me: Because
    • P: Why?
    • Me: Because I said so!
    • P: and you the boss?
    • Me: Yes.
  • When she needs some chapstick, "I need some wips (lips)"
  • She has become very independent and when she wants to do something herself its "No, I do it!"
  • She will say "My butt is falling out!" when her pants start to fall down (plumbers crack style!)
  • "I not grumpy anymore." after having a little tantrum or a crying moment, and it's usually followed with "I a big girl."
  • "I dot (got) crazy hair." which is all the time now, mostly because she hates letting us brush it or do anything with it.

I can't wait to see what this girl comes up with for us next! 

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