28 August 2015

That Friday Post

Well another week has come and gone, which means we are one week closer to meeting this babe! And one week closer to me not working for a year. And one week closer to chaos!

But, with Friday comes another Friday post. I like these because they are simple and fun!

ONE: Today marks Palmer's last day at the day home for awhile. I can't say enough wonderful things about our lady. Palmer absolutely adores her, and I know the feeling is mutual. Palmer loves the kids there, and she takes them on all kinds of field trips and adventures. There are days Palmer doesn't want to leave. That's how you know you've found a good place. We will definitely be making visits there in the future, and she happens to have 2 spots available in September for our return!

TWO: Speaking of loving kids, Palmer and her little bestie Scarlett are seriously just the cutest! My good friend Tawnya did this post last week talking about the girls and how seriously cute they are! Palmer went over to their house Monday for a couple hours while I got a massage and she couldn't stop talking about it when we got home. Check out their hashtag on our instagrams #PalmerandScarlett (Tawnya and Alycia)
Photo Credit: Tawnya

THREE: I have been trying to get organized for Baby Lowe #2 to arrive this past week. We pulled out all the little tiny clothes from the closet and got those washed, organized the nursery a little better so it's not a giant mess of everything, and we pulled out the car seat to wash and have ready. I feel like all I have left to do right now is pack a hospital bag (which I never had a chance to do with Palmer as she surprised us so early). But, Palmer has found a comfy new seat in the car seat. She thinks it's the best thing around. She pulls it up in front of the TV and just relaxes and watches TV in it. But reminds us "mama, I not a baby. I just pretending."

FOUR: We are off for the weekend. In fact, I don't work any more weekends. My last work day is September 25, which puts me at 13 shifts left after today. Hopefully they fly by just as quickly as the last little bit has. My parents are coming for the week to watch Palmer while we are at work and while Mitch and I golf in my favorite golf tournament tomorrow. We will see how well it goes with this belly in my way and me only having golfed ONE actual round all year! 

FIVE: Today marks 32 weeks with this little babe growing! I'm not sure I will get around to a post about it, but I will share my most favorite picture of me and Palmer EVER! Tawnya is seriously blowing my mind with these gorgeous photos. Anyone in the Southern Alberta area, you NEED to check her out for your photos! Stunning!

Happy Weekending, everyone!

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