25 August 2015

Palmer: 2.5 Year Update

In these past few weeks, I honestly can't even describe how much Palmer has changed and grown. She is this little person with so much to say, it truly amazes me. There are days I sit back and can't even believe the conversations I have with her. The little 2.5 year old her!

Her vocabulary has exploded. She will come up with things that I didn't even know she knew! And she really cracks us up. Everyday she say something new and hilarious. 

And her facial expressions. Sometimes I just can't help but laugh.

And she is so inquisitive. Everything these days is "why?" "But why, mom?" "Why?" 

And she shocked me last week when she pointed out a number and said "mommy, that's a four!" I was so taken back, I had no idea she even knew that. I had planned to start teaching letters to her soon, but it turns out she taught herself with her Endless Numbers app on the iPad. Palmer is able to identify all the numbers from 0-9, with some help with the six and nine, but they are tricky! 

Palmer is now fully potty trained. Palmer has been daytime trained since around Christmas time so I knew it was time to try bedtime. We began night time training about a month ago and have had only a couple accidents since. We went with the cold turkey method of stopping diapers and just wearing jammie's and it worked like a charm! We usually stop drinks just after supper and make sure to have a potty break just before bed. We set up a hall night light and one in the bathroom so she can navigate her way in the night of she needs! 

I say it all the time but I can't believe Palmer is two and a half. I can't believe how fast these past couple years have gone by, yet it's like she's been in our family forever. She just fits in so perfectly that I almost can't remember life without her in it. 

I am so excited to see her grow even more in the next couple months. When this new baby arrives, I just know she is going to be such an amazing little helper. Palmer is going to be the best big sister. 

We love you so much, sweet girl! XO

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