16 September 2015

What's In My Hospital Bag

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1. I picked up two of these shirts by Joe Fresh last week. I love them because they are a nice flowy but not clingy material, super soft, and will be perfect for post baby. They fit nicely now, so will still be great for those days following delivery.

2. I picked up some pajama pants from Joe Fresh too (not exactly like these ones). PJ pants are a must for me around the hospital. With visitors coming and going, and wandering the hallways, I totally feel way more comfortable in pants.

3. These slippers from Old Navy are going to be essential during our hospital stay. They are super soft inside, quick to put on, and obviously cute and cozy. Exactly what a new mama needs!

4. These bras are also from Joe Fresh. I HATED nursing bras last time, and I'm sure I will hate them again this time. These ones are super comfy, light material, and great for under any type of shirt. Maybe a little unconventional, but they will work for what I need.

5. A robe. Again, what new mama doesn't need one of these for the hospital and the days and weeks following? I found mine super helpful for the middle of the night feedings when I would fall asleep in the rocking chair. Kept me warm without having to mess around with a blanket.

6/7 The baby's coming home outfit. Now, I don't actually have either one of these sleepers. Had we known whether Baby Lowe #2 is going to be a girl or a boy, I guarantee my husband would have had these on order already. I do have some cute sleepers picked out and ready to go though, for when baby is ready to come home.

8. Swaddle blankets. I am loving these Aden and Anais muslin swaddles. They look so soft and perfect to wrap a new baby in. Again, I don't actually have these exact ones, but I do have swaddles ready to go in our bag.

9. My iPhone. No better way to have someone capture those first few moments of a new baby than with an iPhone. Last time, one of the nurses took our first family photo with our iPhones and I'm so glad we did. Chances are, most people know how to use one so it's easy for them (versus using a DSLR camera). It was also the main way we kept in contact with family and friends while in the hospital, keeping them updated on what was going on.

10. I have thoughts of bringing my DSLR camera, but I don't know if I actually will. What would be really great is actually having someone photograph the first moments together, and having someone there when we bring Palmer to meet the new baby for the first time. I've seen some really great hospital photos, candid type ones, and I absolutely love the way they look and to be able to save that memory is so special.

11. Magazines. I mean, for real. Being in the hospital for 24, 48, or more hours can be boring. You won't always have visitors. You will be tired, but be unable to sleep. Social media will only refresh itself so many times through the night before you have seen it all. So, to keep a little sanity during those sleep deprived hours, bringing some light reading material is helpful (or so I found).

12. EOS lip balm, besides being my favorite ever, will be essential. Hospitals are dry. I already know from work how much I have to put on lip balm throughout an 8 hour shift. So, being stuck in the hospital for 24+ hours, I know this will be essential.

13. B&BW lotion. Besides the fact that this kind smells amazing, i know for sure I will need it. For the reasons mentioned above, as well as probably washing my hands one million times a day while I'm there. 

So, there you have it. A list of some of the major things that will be put in my hospital bag. What are some essentials you have?

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