10 September 2015

Another Friday Post

This week has just been me and my girl, so it kind of seems like it's gone fast and slow at the same time. Is that even possible??? But, nevertheless, here are my 5 Friday things.

One: Have you entered the Freshly Picked Moccs Giveaway??? It's still going on for another week over on my instagram! Make sure you head over there for more details on how to enter! You won't want to miss out your chance to win the cutest pair of Moccs ever! Winner will be drawn September 21.

Two: I took Palmer out this week for a few fun photos. Well, I thought they were fun. Palmer didn't like the pokey grass touching her legs. But, I think they turned out quite nicely! This photo was one of my favorites from Tuesday. 
Three: I have been single parenting all week, and I have to say, it's not that easy. Kudos to all the single parents out there! Mitch has been away for work, so it's just been me, Palmer and the dog around here. Although, it has been nice to have the week off work and spending all kinds of time with my girl. It's nice to get some quality time in with her before this new baby arrives in the next little while. I do have to say though, trying to walk with this little one, and a babe in my belly, AND trying to walk the dog isn't the easiest of tasks!!! 

Four: My friend, Tawnya, and I headed out for pedicures this week to relax our pregnant feet. I have to say, working at the hospital and keeping up with a 2 year old is tough at almost 34 weeks pregnant, so it was much deserved. We took the girls with us and it was the cutest thing ever. They were so good in there watching us get our toes done, then had some mini pedi's done themselves. It was a nice little afternoon, and it was nice to have my feet pampered! Thank you Prim Health and Beauty! And, as if these two aren't the cutest ever!?!

photo credit Tawnya

Five: I'm just going to leave off with this. Palmer has seriously been cracking me up lately. Her little personality is just too much sometimes! Here is another one of my favorite photos from our week!

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