18 April 2016

We've Been Away....Without Wifi

I have kind of fallen off the grid this past week. We have been staying with Mitch while he is away for work and the Internet connection around here is brutal, so instead of using up all our data, we have been disconnected lost of the time. It's been kind of nice, and it also really makes you realize how much time is spent online! Wow! 

Anyway as, here is just a bit of catch up, of mostly photos. 

Trips to Costco....everyone's favorite store! Because, SAMPLES! 
Sweet sleepy, cuddly babes! 

Lots of bubbles! 

Park days! The weather has been warm the past couple of days! Makes for perfect park dates! 

Rock painting with daddy. 

Checking out the library....because Palmer loves the computers, there are tons of toys, and free wifi! Haha
See these rosy, swollen cheeks?? Poor girly. I think she's teething! 

We've got another couple days here before we head home for a few days. It's been extra nice to have life back to almost normal, seeing Mitch everyday. The girls and I sure miss him when he's away, but we try to make up for it by packing our days together full of fun!!! 

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