24 April 2014

Springs Looks for the Little

There are so many cute spring outfits in the stores right now, it is seriously taking everything in me to not buy Palmer more clothes! Not just clothes either. Now that she is running all over the place, she needs shoes, and trust me, there are a lot of adorable and practical shoes out there too. I mean, look at those little silver sandals. How cute are those???

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I am LOVING the Joe Fresh styles this year (and always)! They have such cute clothes at affordable prices. Palmer has a few items from there already and I absolutely love them on her!

Old Navy is always a great shop too, and they often have great deals on (40% off), can't beat that (for Mama and Little)

I love that now that Palmer is getting older, there are a lot more colors to choose from other than just pink. When she was just a baby, dressing her in pink was a given a)because she looks so darn cute in pink and b) so people could tell she was a girl (and even then people still called her a boy). Now there are so many cute clothes that aren't just pink! I love it!

Now, if only I could find some of these outfits in my size....

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