21 April 2014

15 Month Update: Palmer's Life

I'm trying to figure out exactly where the past 15 months have gone. When did my baby turn into such an independent little girl?

Everyday, I see Palmer's little brain just soaking up the world around her. Every day she gets smarter and smarter. Everyday, she amazes me more. Although she doesn't talk much yet, she understand a lot of things we say and is able to communicate with her actions, signs, and what little noises she does make. A full on little person!

Since Palmer turned one (and my last post dedicated to her growing), we've seen more huge changes in her. She's went from a wobbly walker to a full on running twister who can turn the entire house upside down in 3.7 seconds flat! We have to make sure we have the baby gates up or she is up the stairs is seconds, all the way to the top, giggling at her accomplishment! I think pretty soon we are going to have to keep a key hidden outside because this little girl can reach the locks on the doors and is quickly learning how to turn them! Today, my mom told me Palmer even escaped out the front door when she went to put something in her truck. She turned around and there was little Palmer standing on the front step!
Note to us: Keep deadbolt locked at all times!

Palmer sleeping patterns have returned to (mostly) normal with the exception of the odd night. I thought after coming back from Mexico, her sleep would be off as we didn't have much of a routine down there, but she settled back in to normal life very quickly.  Naps are usually a couple hours in the afternoon, followed by bed around 8pm. Bed time is great now too in that she often times isn't sleeping when we put her down, but lays down nicely, cuddles up Mr. Elephant, and falls asleep on her own within a few minutes, although there are times when I just hold her and rock her because its the only time she will sit still long enough for me to get good cuddles in.

Now that Spring is finally here (hopefully to stay), we have been getting outside more. Palmer loves being outside. She loves the park and she especially loves playing in the backyard with Leaf (I think Leaf is a little indifferent to this sometimes. I don't think he likes it when she plays with his toys)

Palmer, our sweet little 15 month old girl. You amaze us every day. Your beautiful personality shines through more and more every day, and we are so excited to see watch the little person you are becoming unfold a little more each day.

We love you sweet girl! xxoo

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