9 May 2014

Five on Friday

Its Friday again, which means nothing to me this week as I'm working the weekend, but I'm linking up with DarciAprilNatasha, and Christina again...

| one |
Being sick! UGH! I hate it. Tuesday at work I was starting to have an upset stomach, took the day off Wednesday, and even Thursday wasn't feeling back to normal. I don't know what it is about this year, but I've been sick more this year than I ever remember.

| two |
We have had nothing but crappy weather and snow since last weekend. For it nearing the middle of May, I'm really not happy about this! Spring can show up any time now.

| three |
Afternoon naps. I love them. I had a quick 5 minute power nap yesterday afternoon and it was simply wonderful. I turned on some Bubble Guppies and sat Palmer up on the couch beside me. Even the 5 little minutes I got left me feeling re-energized!

| four |
Palmer car dancing. Lately, while driving in the car, Palmer has started to head-bop to the music. It is the cutest little thing. I can see her in the rear view mirror, dancing away, watching herself in the headrest mirror in front of her.

| five |
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mama's I know, including my own!

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