3 May 2014

Toddler Tantrums!

Ok, seriously! Either the "terrible twos" are hitting our house early or we can chalk up another win to "teething" (like we do everything else), but lately Palmer's tantrums are happening more and more.

Maybe it's her little personality showing through more or the fact that she understands better whats going on, but it seems like there is a tantrum for almost everything now!

A few days ago I caught her licking from the dog's water dish. I told her no and put the dish up on the patio table. Let me tell you. It was like her world just crashed down around her and there was nothing more to be happy about. WOW! Total meltdown.

Another day, she had a complete break down because I told her she couldn't put her books in the crack of the fire place. Legit reason to scream and flail around on the floor, right???

I know now that I need to just pick my battles.

If she wants to eat dog food, OK! I'm sure its not going to kill her. She will figure out that it probably doesn't taste good and will maybe learn to not do it again.

She wants to stand on the couch and "jump" off. Sure. She will learn when she falls and it doesn't feel good.

I came across this and this and had a good laugh. There is even a book dedicated to the hilariously silly reasons why kids cry!

Happy Weekend everyone!

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