16 May 2014

5 on Friday

I'm linking up with DarciAprilNatasha, and Christina again for another edition of Five on Friday...

| one |
I got an amazing deal on some jeans the other day at Old Navy. I couldn't pass them up.
Seriously, I paid 97 cents for these jeans!

| two |
I got some new glasses this week. I'm hoping they call me today to come pick them up! After pregnancy, my eyes changed and I couldn't wear my contacts anymore as they bothered my eyes so bad. So I finally got my eyes checked, got some new glasses and began my trial of new dailies contacts! Love them!

| three |
This weekend, my parents are coming for a visit. Its always nice to have them here, not only for a visit with Palmer, but so Mitch and I can have a sleep-in day or two (although I am working nights this weekend). Sometimes its hard to work all week, having to be at work for 7 am like both Mitch and I do, then having to get up early on the weekend with Palmer too. We are fortunate that Palmer is a good sleeper (mostly) and that we have the option of having grandparents help us out!

| four |
I have to rave about the day home we have for Palmer. J is such a good care giver to Palmer. If Mitchell or I, or our family can't watch her, J is seriously the best person for the job. She is so kind and SO GOOD with the kids and Palmer! I love the Mother's Day gift Palmer made at J's house! xxoo

| five |
And Happy Nurses Week to all my fellow nurses!

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