7 May 2014

The Beloved Mr. Elephant

I came to realize (after reading a friends post here) that I have never really
talked about Palmer's Beloved Mr. Elephant.

 Growing up, I had a favorite stuffed animal, Kitty (yes, Kitty was a cat), whom I still have to this day. Kitty is a little more ratted and worn than the day I got her(?) to say the least. Same goes for #thebelovedmrelephant He's only 8 months old, and his best looking days are far behind him.

Palmer takes Mr. Elephant everywhere with her. He goes to bed with her and when she wakes up in the morning, he is the first thing she reaches for before wanting out of her crib.

They then make their way downstairs for breakfast (on the days we are home). Otherwise he's off to J's house with Palmer for the day.

They watch tv together.

Play outside together.

Nap together.

Play together.

I love this little girl and her Mr Elephant.

I have honestly thought several times that I need to track down a handful more Mr Elephants so when the original is done, she has another one to replace him.

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