24 May 2014

When The Little's Not With You...A Lot More Gets Accomplished!

The other day, I spent the majority of the day alone, purposefully. Just me (well besides they eye doctor and dentist appointments I had). I had the day off work, had these couple appointments, and spent the day running errands and getting things done. I have to say, it was kind of nice.

Now, don't get me wrong. I absolutely love spending my days with my little family, but as we all know, mama's need time too (not that errands is quality me time). So, because I had a few things to do, I took Palmer to her day home and I headed downtown.

Let me tell you, its amazing how much more you can get done without having a toddler in tow. No in and out of the car seat. No fussing in the stores. No changing diapers in the car. I was able to run in, get what I needed and be back on my way in a matter of minutes, a very rare occurrence these days.

Besides my appointments, I was able to get banking done. Stopped at the Library. Stopped by some stores. Returned the recycling. Pick up a few groceries for supper and made hamburgers and Greek salad. Got the vehicle washed. And a few other errands. It was refreshing! It was So. Much. Easier!

Now, like I said, this in no way means that I would rather spend time alone to make things easier, because I don't. I love spending time with Palmer. She fills my day and heart with so much joy and love. Yes, there are crazy days, tough days, but mostly fun happy days. I wouldn't trade my time with her for anything in the world, but some days, you just need a couple hours to get something done and it makes it much easier without a 16 month old!

I felt really accomplished that day. I had a big long list of things I wanted to get done, and I have to say, most of them did actually get done! Now, if only I was this efficient in cleaning the house, we'd be set!

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