20 May 2014

Our Long Weekend!

Our long weekend consisted of family, outside and fun. Although I spent the whole weekend working nights,  we were still able to spend some quality time together.

My mom, dad and brother made the trip to Lethbridge for the weekend which was especially nice on the weekend I work nights. For Mitchell, having to get up early every day for work during the week, it was nice for him to get the chance to sleep in on the weekend, and the extra day off was an added bonus.

My family arrived to our house in the early afternoon on Friday and were able to stay until noon on Monday. Palmer loves getting time to spend with her grandparents and her uncle.

Friday was a pretty relaxed day - we spent some time cleaning out the garage/setting up the patio furniture and some yard work, and finished the day with pizza on the deck! I love being able to spend time outside, enjoying the fresh air and just visiting. There is something about being outside and relaxing that I love.

This face is the result of pizza and chocolate lava cake! YUM
Saturday was another pretty relaxed day (from my point of view anyways as I slept the day away after night shift). Mitch was able to get over to the rental house to get some yard work done over there and get it ready for summer and Palmer went with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Troy to the park. Mitch and I were able to get in 9 holes of golf in the evening before it started to rain. I have to say, my first round of the season was not the best. Guess I need to get out to the range a few times!

Sunday, we made a trip to Home Depot. We were looking for the right kind of paint so that we could paint the dresser that I am hoping to use for our Master Bedroom Makeover. Unfortunately, they didn't have what we needed, and being the long weekend, the specialty paint stores weren't open.  We finished the day off with a meal out at Earl's, some DQ ice cream and watching Palmer play at the park.

She loves the park, poor little girl never wants to leave!
Reading bedtime stories with Uncle Troy
Monday was a little over cast and rained on and off throughout the day.  We made a trip downtown to the Hear Forever day at Galt Gardens. In all the years I have lived in Lethbridge, I have actually never been in Galt Gardens. They had a concert in the park, some local craft and food vendors and a bouncy house set up. We tried the local food truck, the Flyin' Hawaiian, which we have heard so much about, and it wasn't bad! Their special of the day was a beef sausage with pineapple relish. I was secretly hoping for their famous pulled pork sandwich I've heard everyone rave about.

All played and danced out!
Mitch and I watched American Hustle after Palmer went to bed, and typical me, stayed up too late because I suck at turning around after a night shift! 

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