21 May 2014

The Little Things

It's the little things, like Palmer playing on the slide, that makes my heart fill with so much joy.

The other day, Palmer and I met some friends at the park. We had never been to this park before but I have to say, I think we will be heading there much more often. It was built for a toddler. It was such a great park for Palmer. She was able to climb the stairs to the slide and slide down all by herself. I didn't even have to worry about her falling off or anything. Palmer had such a blast. I could tell by the glistening in her eyes that she was so proud of herself. She was so proud that she climbed the stairs alone. She was so proud she went down the slide alone. And the pure joy on her face on the ride down; priceless.

Its the little things like this that make my heart happy!

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