5 May 2014

Mother's Day Wish List

For Mother's Day this year, what I would really like is to not have to work a day shift and get to spend the whole day with my family doing something fun and making memories, but unfortunately, I do have to work and won't get home until almost 4, which gives me approximately 4 hours with Mitch and Palmer before she has to go to bed.

I obviously don't need any of these things to make Mother's Day special, but if I were to get something, these would be some of the things I have my eye on:

| EOS lip balm | contigo coffee mugs | iPhone workout armband | necklace | Cleaning lady/clean house |

A mama can never have enough lip balm! And these are my favorite.

I love these Contigo Coffee mugs (usually found at Costco) because they keep my coffee at work warm well into first break!

I'm in need of a armband for my running, because right now, I have no where to house my phone for my music when I run.

I've been eyeing necklaces like this for awhile now, I am just unsure if I want to get one now, or wait until we know if we are going to have another child so they can be matching names on the necklace.

and seriously, who doesn't want a clean house?

Like I said, spending time with my family is all I really need, and maybe a meal made for me :) And maybe, if it's nice out, a family date outside!! Then to come home to a clean, disaster-free house!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas I know!
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