7 January 2016

Friday Five

Life has been hectic and crazy and really busy around here lately. I truly have to give props to Palmer though. She has adjusted so well to her new role as a big sister and mommy's helper. I know things really haven't been easy for her. There is a new baby in the house and she doesn't have all the attention anymore. Daddy is gone for work, and now for school, most weekdays. This girl doesn't cease to amaze me though. So, for this Friday five, I want to share some of the latest Palmer.

1. We were watching American Idol on TV this evening and one of the contestants had a mom who was in the Army overseas. American Idol had flown her mom in to surprise her on the show. Cue tears! Palmer inquisitively asked me why I was crying. I said "because the girl is happy that her mom is home. She missed her." (Palmer maybe not understanding happy tears.) Palmer then said, "Just like we miss daddy when he is gone." Then she took off running. Just seconds later, she came back with a wadded up piece of toilet paper and dried a tear from my cheek. Cue more waterworks! It was one of the sweetest, most thoughtful things she's ever done. Then we sat and cuddled until it was bedtime.

2. Palmer is always concerned about what is going on with Charlie. She will turn on her music on the swing. She will make sure she has a soother. She even tells me that Charlie doesn't like it when I wipe her nose. First two questions she asks me when she comes into my room in the morning are "where is daddy" and "where is Charlie." She's the best big sister.

3. This girl loves a good Biebs dance party. She has become a Belieber. We've been having dance parties every. single. day. and they couldn't make this little girl happier. Watching her smile and twirl around, dancing to the music fills my heart with so much happiness, I can't even tell you. 

4. We had an old iPod that has just been sitting around, collecting dust so we cleared if all off and uploaded some of Palmer's favorite music and games to it. She think's it is the best thing ever. She walks around with it in her purse and calls it her phone. The graphics are crappy, the sound is awful, but she doesn't care one bit. 

5. Then there is this happening a lot more in our house. We are lucky if we are dressed by noon most days, but when Palmer decides to dress herself, magical things like this happen!

Happy Weekending, everyone!

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