2 January 2016

Charlie Dawn: 3 Months

Three months have come and gone so quickly, I feel like I will be back at work before I even realize it, even though its close to 9 months away from now. Although its a few days late, here is Charlie's 3 month update.

Length - approx 24 inches
Weight - I'm guessing around 12 or so pounds. We don't have another weight until her 4 month point.

SLEEP: Charlie is a perfect sleeper. Since around the 6 week mark, she has been waking only once in the night, if that. Lately she has been sleeping a solid 8-10 hours without waking. She goes down to bed around 10 and wakes between 6 and 8. If she's up at 6, she feeds and goes back to sleep for awhile. Happy mama, for sure!!

We are getting about 3 naps in throughout the day with Charlie, which is perfect. We have started the transition to napping in the crib. It use to be that the minute you laid her down in there during the day she was wide awake again. I am hoping to really solidify a routine and schedule now that the craziness of the holidays is past. 

SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT: The smiles coming from this girl are almost non stop. Her social smiles are the sweetest thing! It's like she is learning her name too because nearly every time someone says  "hello, Charlie" she gets the biggest smile! Charlie is starting to do some cooing sounds and it is so sweet to hear her little "voice". She is able to track objects and people with her eyes, and will really focus on faces. I'm sure she is starting to recognize me, Mitch and Palmer.  

SISTER: Palmer is seriously the best big sister we could have ever asked for. She is full of love and hugs and kisses. Every day just gets better and better with these two. Palmer is always trying to help us with Charlie and the way her face lights up when Charlie smiles at her; it could bring tears to my eyes.The past couple of days has been hard on Palmer because we told her she isn't able to kiss Charlie because Palmer has had a cough and runny nose. Her sweet little voice says "I wanna kiss Charwee. I wove her." Hopefully her snotty nose clears up soon so she can go back to giving Charlie all the cuddles.

MY THOUGHTS: The transition has continued to go so smoothly. I really couldn't have asked for two better kids. Charlie fit so seamlessly into our family. Our family of 4 is perfectly complete. I was so worried that the second child would be so much harder. Palmer was fairly easy (for lack of a better word here) when it came to sleeping and not being fussy. Charlie has followed suit almost to a tee. It has been wonderful so far. I'm hoping all goes as smoothly as it did the first time!

Happy (belated) THREE months, sweet Charlie girl.

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