1 July 2016

Charlie Dawn: 9 months

Nine months. Where is this time going? Now, I am less than 3 months away from going back to work. This year is flying by faster than the blink of an eye, and I know these next 3 months are going to just zip by too. I need to savour every last sweet drop of this maternity leave, and my time off with the girls. The good news is, summer has just started, sos there will be plenty of memories made and fun activities planned. In the next few months we have our Whitefish vacation (which we are currently on), Charlie's first airplane ride, and moving into our new house.

Weight - 23lbs?

Charlie is still wearing size 3 diapers, with no sign of out growing them soon. I found Palmer wore size 3 for the longest amount of time too. Clothes - we are mostly in the 9-12 month sizes, but with the heat, she's often just in a diaper, or a swim suit, so there's that.

SLEEP: We did sleep training a couple of week ago and I'm so glad I did. It was 3 nights of a modified sleep training, and we are done feedings in the night and she's sleeping (with the exception of 2 nights ago - damn teeth) from 8pm-6am. Then she eats and sleeps again until around 8. It's glorious. She's still doing 2 naps -  a morning and an afternoon We cut out the evening nap (or have tried to anyways). It makes for a much easier bedtime. 

- Standing on her own
- cruising
-  self feeding
- babbling a lot more (mostly a lot of MMMMM's)

baths are still a favourite around here
eating real food and feeding herself
getting into things she's not suppose to

BIG SISTER: Palmer. Oh Palmer. We find ourselves repeating multiple times a day, "Palmer, don't do that." or "Palmer, stop picking up your sister." She loves her hard. Thats what we can call it. Real, hard love. She has a lot of really sweet, gentle, moments.

MY THOUGHTS: I think I don't know just how busy things are going to get. I feel like she is going to be walking really soon, and I'm sure life gets infinitely busier once that happens. But, right now, I am just enjoying these moments. This is such a fun age. She's getting so interactive and turning into her own little person. I love it.

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