26 July 2016

Charlie Dawn: 10 Months

We are currently sitting on an airplane, flying to Ontario for a 2 week vacation. YAY! Hopefully it goes smoothly for us, traveling with a 3.5 year old and a now 10 month old! Palmer did well on her previous flights, so I'm hoping Charlie's first time on a plane goes equally as well! If not, 4 hours could seem like 8! 

But, here we are, just two short months away from my baby being one! I can't believe I'm even saying that! Where did the past 10 months go? 

I still don't know her exact weight, but she seems to have slimmed out now that she is crawling and cruising way more. I'm thinking maybe 23lbs? 

She is still in size 3 diapers and wearing clothes ranging from 9-18 months. 

Sleep has been going much better. We seem to have gotten ourselves into a good routine. Bed time goes smoothly. Naps are usually good too; we are lucky and get one long nap and one shorter nap every day. Once we move into our new house on the 13th, I will finish our sleep training. She's gotten into the habit of waking at 5am. I try to rock her back, but I cave and feed her because it's easy. I'm just happy she sleeps from 7:30 or 8 until 5! 

Charlie is still a boob girl! I'm trying to cut back, but we are still at usually 6 feeds a day. She's eating most of the same things we do (chicken, pasta, eggs, fruit, etc) Some of her favorites are cheese, yogurt, and eggs. We need to start introducing a bottle soon though, for when I start back at work on August 29.

Girl is nearly walking. I think being in the trailer in the limited amount of space has made it difficult for her to practice, but she's all over the place, cruising and standing on her own when she has the space. 

She has discovered the stairs and loves to climb them. Problem is, she gets up and can't get down! 

Sweet girl now has 6 teeth! She cut 3 teeth in 3 days, and now she's got a mouthful! Besides a snotty nose, it didn't phase her too much, which is perfect, cuz that could have made for some pretty miserable times! 

She's learned how to clap her hands and squeal when you say "YAY" and Palmer is so proud because she taught her that!

She's starting to make a lot more sounds, but no words yet. I'll have to look back and see how old Palmer was when she said her first words. 

Palmer is happy that Charlie actually plays with her now. Problem is, big sister isn't so keen on sharing, or she's taking Charlie's toys to show her how to play! Ha! Such is the life of a big sister, I guess! But in all seriousness, watching them play together is so sweet! Palmer knows how to make Charlie laugh. 

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