14 July 2016

Our Whitefish Mini Vacation

A couple weeks ago, we packed up the family and took off to one of my favourite places ever, Whitefish, MT.  I always love going there because, first of all, it is such a beautiful place. Being surrounded by mountains, the most beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air just refreshes a person instantly. Secondly, there are so many great family activities to do all year round. The only bad thing I can think about it is that it is a 5 hour drive away from us!

We spent 5 nights there in my inlaws RV. Although I wasn't excited about vacationing in an RV when we have been living in one, it wasn't that bad because we spent our entire day outside. Between beaches and playing on the water and bike riding around the quaint little town or going for ice cream, our days were jam packed, yet at the same time, we did a lot of relaxing. 

Our mornings were slow, sipping coffee with mountains and forest as the back drop. Afternoons were spent by the water; whether the beach, seadooing on the lake, or the waterpark. And in the evenings, we all enjoyed a few cocktails, lounging around the fire and taking in the amazing scenery, with the sounds of fireworks going off nearly every night. 

I didn't have my camera or phone out as much as I would have hoped, but I'm ok with that because I was able to take in every moment with the girls and Mitchell. Being disconnected is a great refresher and is totally needed once in awhile. Even though I didn't capture it in a photo, I will always remember Charlie stepping foot in the fresh mountain water fed lake for the first time, Palmer riding the sea-doo and the smile on her face, biking to Sweet Peaks for ice cream, and Palmer seeing fireworks for the first time.


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