8 June 2016

Home Is Where You Make It

Well, by now, I am sure you have figured out that we have moved. Mitch accepted a really great job in a new city, and after months of being apart, the girls and I have finally officially joined him. 

At first I was hesitant. Hesitant to leave our life that we had made in Lethbridge. After 12 years of living there, it was our home. It was the place I met Mitch. I started my nursing career. It’s where our babies were born.  My job, our friends, our wonderful day home lady, all in Lethbridge. But, I knew this job is an amazing opportunity for Mitch. I can easily find a nursing job. We will make new friends. But, an opportunity like this for Mitch doesn’t come up very often, so we knew he had to take it. 

The sale of our home went slow at the start, but once we had an offer, it was quick packing and moving, with a short possession date. That left us with a short amount of time to find our house. We had been looking around for quite some time, and nothing stood out to us. We may of had a long list of items we wanted in our home, but thats because we had many of the items checked off in our other house, and didn’t want to “downgrade” to a lesser house. 

When we walked onto this property, we knew it was the one. Nothing else we had looked at even compared. The yard space is amazing. The privacy is like none other we saw. It was the only house I walked in to and could actually picture our family there. Lots of room for the girls. The dog would be in love with the yard. I could picture myself having coffee on the deck and people over in the back yard. 

I instantly started envisioning our things in this home; imagining how I would decorate it. The decor isn’t exactly our style, but the home was so well cared for, that it is all livable until we slowly fix things over time. The first thing to go will be the baby poop brown walls! I want to change it to something light and bright!

I can’t decide what is my favourite part. The walk out to the deck from the master bedroom. The amazing back yard for the girls and the dog. Hearing the sound of the rustling creek to the north, while enjoying a drink by the fire. Being able to plant the garden I’ve thought about having. It’s all perfect!

Thought this whole long process, I have really come to see that hoe really is where you make it. Its with the people you love. It doesn't matter where you live, or what you are living in, as long as the people you want to be with are there, there is nothing more you could ask for.

So, until August 13, we will be all cozy together in the RV, living it up camping sale. But that’s ok. It will just make moving into our new home that much sweeter.  

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