9 June 2016

That Friday Post

I'm sitting here at the library typing this up. Its the only place I get a consistent wifi signal (besides the gym). I'm sure the librarians think we are crazy, because we are here every single day. We check out books, the girls play with the toys, Palmer uses the computer and I browse on my laptop, all to return the next day and do it all over again. But, with the heat wave we are having right now, its a nice cool place to sneak away to in the afternoon!!

But, what's been going on with us lately? 

I became and Auntie last week! Mitchell's sister had her baby June 3, a sweet little girl, Zyla Rain. This little girl has So. Much. Hair! I think she's almost got more thank Palmer! HA. I can't wait to go meet her soon!

Like I mentioned, we are in a heat wave, and when it is 35 degrees (95 F for my American friends) outside in the afternoon, we need to find ways to keep cool! I find it tricky with a baby to find things to do while keeping her safe from the heat. The afternoon heat is too much for her, so we have been doing the splash park in the late morning and inside activities in the afternoon. Even later in the the evening, its still pretty warm out, so even things like taking the dog for a walk is tricky. 

Charlie is totally in this mommy-suck phase. So much so, that almost every time I am at the gym, I get called back to the daycare. I remember Palmer going through this too. But, I feel like there isn't much that calms Charlie, other than me picking her up! 

Other than that fun stuff, not much else is new. The countdown is on to moving into our new house. Only 2 months and 6 days left! LOL! You can read about it here

Hope you all have a great weekend, and stay cool (or warm, or dry....)

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