2 June 2016

That Friday Post

The weeks just seem to be slipping away from me lately. Things were so crazy and hectic for awhile that I neglected this little space of mine. But, we should be in a relatively regular schedule now! I'm hoping. 

Anyways, on to my five random things. 

1. We officially don't live in Lethbridge anymore, as of yesterday. The new home owners took possession Thursday and we are now waiting to move into our new house. It's not until August though, so we are in limbo for a couple months. Good thing it's summer and we can spend a lot of the time outside! 

2. Does anyone else's kids have a problem going to bed now that it's light outside so late?? Ugh! Palmer thinks she needs to be up until 9:30 and Charlie, well her sleeping is all over the map right now. But still, I'm going to contribute that to bright at bedtime! 

3. I love me some good matching sister outfits! Sometimes I do it on purpose, but I do find a lot of the time they are matching without it being planned, like yesterday! 

4. I have teamed up with Franc Heart Collective to giveaway a $20 shop credit, so make sure to check out my Instagram to enter! 

5. Now that the whole moving thing has settled down, I can get off my "moving so we have no food in the house" diet of pizza and take out and get back on track with meals and exercise. It really is amazing how much better I feel when I eat better!!! 

Anyways. Happy weekend, my friends. 

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