1 August 2013

DIY Dog Bed Cover

Leaf is a big dog. Big dogs need a big bed. Big dog beds cost big money. So, instead of buying a new big bed for our big dog, I decided to just make a new cover for it!
the "before" - as you can see, a big hole in the middle!
 So I picked up some throw blankets at Walmart - one grey patterned and a blue. Total costing $12

I measured the diameter of the dog bed, divided by 2 and added 4 inches. Then cut a string that long, tied it to a marker, found the centre of my blanket, and drew a circle.

Then I cut it out of both blankets - and by no means was it perfect. 
 Then I sandwiched the dog bed between the two cut outs.

 I cut approx 2 inches wide by 4 inches deep strips and tied them together, double knot.
 and in about 30 min from start to finish, the finished product looks like this.

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