23 August 2013

5 on Friday

I came across this "Five on Friday" last week and thought it might be a fun addition to the blog so I decided to jump in on the link up. 
Palmer turned 7 months on Wednesday. I seriously cannot believe how fast the past 7 months have gone. Went by in the blink of an eye!

Getting ready for Back To Work. In just over a week, I am returning to work from my maternity leave. I think it will be kind of bittersweet. In once sense I’m ready to get back to what will be “normal life” and I’m happy that Mitchell will get to spend the next 4 months with Palmer, but on the other hand, it will be different being away from Palmer for nearly 9 hours a day.

I am loving zip-up sleepers! Now that Palmer is moving and squirming all over the place, it is difficult enough to get a diaper on her, let alone a sleeper, especially the ones with all the buttons. Zippers are definitely the way to go!!!

This past week I have been focusing more on the Baby Led Weaning approach to feeding rather than the “traditional” pureed stuff and I have to say, it is So. Much. Easier. Giving Palmer pieces of whole foods rather than pureeing everything makes preparation much easier. Clean up on the other hand, is not!

Palmer got her first tooth this week and I have to say, she was a champ! There was no fussing, no middle of the night crying. No typical teething baby symptoms! Just one day, there it was! Here’s to hoping the rest of her teeth are this easy!

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  1. Love the baby Led Weaning...we kinda did that too! And life was so much easier when they can feed themselves! Gives mama a little extra time in the day!

    1. Yes, we are definitely giving Baby Led Weaning a good attempt. Its a lot more playing with food than eating, but it keeps her busy!