7 August 2013

DIY iPhone Armband

I like to wear my iPhone on my arm when I go running because 1) I don't usually have any pockets on my workout clothes and 2) I like to have the earphone cords up closer to my head so they are not flailing around in front of my body.
I have an iPod armband that I was using, but my iPhone 4 didn't fit in it very well and the armband part of it just didn't fit right and just kind of flops around when I'm running. So, I looked up online about other armbands I could use and came across one similar to this one. 

Step 1. Find an (old) tall sock; ankle socks won't work I found one of Mitchell's old black socks. For any of you who know me, you'll know I HATE black socks; they make your feet smell. Especially tall black socks! So, any reason for me to cut one up, I'm happy about!

Step 2. Cut off the foot.

Step 3. Put the sock, cut side up, onto your preferred arm.

Step 4. Put iPhone (or other music device) onto the sock.

Step 5. Fold up the bottom of the sock.
And Ta-Da! Your very own, easy to make, comfortable, easy to wash iPhone armband!

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