28 August 2013

What We Did Wednesday

With summer just about over and me heading back to work soon, weekdays spent as a family outside are going to be few and far between. So today, Mitchell, Palmer and I took full advantage of that.

We started our trek by heading over to Tim Horton's for some coffee to go. I tried some Vanilla Bean Iced Latte. Super delicious! We sipped our coffees on our way downtown to Alpenland to look at Chariots/bike attachments (and maybe even a bike for myself). I am hoping we will have some kind of bike attachment for Palmer for next summer so we can enjoy family bike rides. The Chariot brand though is soooo expensive. Great quality and hold their value well, but getting started is not cheap. I'm going to have to start looking on kijiji or something - find ourselves a good deal!

After browsing the store for Chariots and bikes, we headed out to Broxburn Farms. 

We started our afternoon there with some berry picking.

We were only able to pick strawberries today, but we sure got a lot of them! And they are so delicious too! The lady there told us that the raspberries were slim-pickins this week and that we would have better luck if we came back next week or so.

After berry picking, we shopped in the store for some other fresh, organic produce, then headed over to the cafe for some lunch. Everything they have in their restaurant is homemade and fresh! I wish I had taken a picture of our lunch. The two of us shared a Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap with some homemade Red Pepper Cream Soup and some Chorizo Sausage with Homemade Gouda Perogies. Both were really good.

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