8 August 2013

Big Decisions Ahead

For the past few weeks, Mitchell and I have been very seriously considering putting the house up for sale for various reasons. We recently had a Realtor come in and do a report on what the house could potentially be listed at.  I have to say, we really aren’t didn’t think we were those people who think our house is valued at way more than it should be, but we were both a little bit surprised by the number that came back. Nevertheless, we both have a lot of thinking to do and a big decision to make.

We need to consider what is the best choice for our family. I really do love my house, but I have to say, that as we were building the house, I didn’t know if it would be big enough. After living here for 8 months though, I know now it is plenty big. A little too big in fact. With 2400 square feet about ground, there is a lot of house! A big house means A LOT OF CLEANING and with a baby and a dog (and me & Mitchell), there is a lot of space to mess up!  I don’t want us to be spending all our time cleaning and not enjoying our family.
during the building process
I love the neighbourhood; there are a lot of young families around here. There are beautiful walking paths, nice parks, and quiet streets. I know though, that we will be able to find this elsewhere too. I love my house for the features it has: the master wing, the upstairs laundry, the beautiful kitchen open to the rest of the main floor, the large backyard for Leaf and Palmer to play. It will be hard to leave, if that is what we choose to do, but I know we will find a house that suits the needs of our growing family.

I guess I use to think that having a nice big house meant a lot, but I really realize now that the only thing that matters is who you share your home with.

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  1. This can't be an easy decision for you guys but it sounds like you know what you really want. If it makes it any easier, Adam and I are very happy living in our little 1300 sq ft. home (with no basement). It's nice to have extra money to make memories as a family, to travel, etc and not be bleeding it all into a house. Where ever you are you will make it your home :)

    1. Tawnya, I completely agree. Having the little extra wiggle room in the wallet is nice! As much as I love my house, I love my family more, and spending time with them is the most important thing!