21 August 2013

7 Months: Palmer's Life

7 months old
Palmer's sleep habits have remained pretty much the same. We are very consistent in getting 12 hours of sleep a night as well as 2 naps each day. Routine is key, and I think we have one down pretty good!! Its usually bedtime at 7, waking up at 6:30 (squealing most mornings now). I try to leave her in the crib as long as I can without her making too much noise. I think we may have to look into getting some crib toys for her; something to keep her busy for a bit while I try to get the last few minutes of sleep in!

New Skills & Developments:
1. Standing: Palmer is able to stand at her activity table. She is able to lean against the table, bash the buttons and has a great time! Pretty soon, I'm sure, she will be cruising along the furniture and standing on her own!
2. Laughing. Palmer had one real belly laugh. Sweetest sound ever. She is laughing at a lot more now. Her little sense of humor is starting to show! Love it!
3. Name recognition? I'm not sure if it is just the sound of a voice, but many times when someone calls out Palmer's name, she will turn her head. She either gets it, or she will understand Palmer is her name very soon!
4. Screaming. Not screaming because she is mad. Not screaming because she is upset. Screaming with a big smile on her face. Screaming just for the sake of hearing her own voice? Most times its cute. Not at 6am though. Screaming is not cute at 6am.
5. Creeping/army crawling. Palmer is so so so close to crawling. It just hasn't quite happened yet. Soon though, I'm sure. But for now, she gets around exceptionally well by rolling, and she is starting to do the army crawl thing.
6. First tooth!!!! And she didn't even fuss about it. She was her normal self the whole time! We noticed the white cap on Sunday. Monday it looked like a small piece of the gums had split apart a bit. Then yesterday, it broke the skin!

Palmer's Favourites:
1. Face grabbing. I don't know what it is, but she loves to grab faces! It's kind of cute, but it kind of hurts!! Guess thats a good reason to keep her fingernails trimmed!!
2. Screaming. Squealing. High-pitched noices. Call it what you will, but Palmer loves to do it!
3. Eating. Palmer loves to eat. We have been lucky and she will eat whatever you give her. We have yet to have her really dislike anything. We are moving more and more towards the Baby Led Weaning style of eating too which makes this easier for us in terms of prepping food for palmer. A lot more mess making by Palmer though.
4. Did I mention screaming??

Our Thoughts:
I think I say this every month, but I am just amazed at how much our little Palmer is able to do already!! It is going by so fast!!! I'm sure it will feel like it is going by even faster once I return to work in less than 2 weeks; I won't be seeing her as much and magically she will be doing all these amazing things - crawling, walking, talking. I'm noticing more and more every day her independence. She is learning to play independently for awhile now, which makes getting meals made a little easier. I'm looking forward to what this month will bring for us!!!!
Trying to get Palmer to sit nice & smile without eating the giraffe of the paper was more difficult than I wanted it to be...
Palmer has other things to do, busy little girl...
Too busy to look at Mommy or the camera
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  1. I hear you on the screaming!! It's the like go-to sound for every emotion these days! :)

    1. Nancy, totally is the go-to sound for EVERYTHING! I guess Tessa is doing it to?! lol