2 August 2013

DIY "Love" Art

So I have definitely caught the DIY bug! I did yet another DIY project yesterday, and to my surprise, it was  A LOT easier than I anticipated, and it only cost me $3!!!

I had originally seen the picture on Pinterest, which came from this site

So, I decided I can do (a version) of this too.  We had some extra fence boards lying around, so I used the circular saw to cut the pieces roughly in half. I wanted the pieces a little staggered, so I just estimated the sizes. I used 2.5 full fence boards for a total of 5 pieces for my project. Some of them had holes and nails in them -even better! Added to the character of the piece. I picked up some Acrylic Paint from Dollerama (black and antique white - $1 each) as well as some foam brushes (a pack of 6 for $1). I even used a hammer to bang up the wood a little more.

Then I found some scrap pieces of wood we had lying around the garage, and cut them to size to be the back support for my piece, and using the drill, attached them all together!

I then started painting. I wanted a more rustic look to the wood, so starting with the black (I started about 1/3 paint and 2/3 water) I brushed the paint on with the foam brushes and wiped it away with a paper towel. I then went over it with white in various places (also watered down) and continued the process until I got a look I liked.

After doing all 5 pieces the same way, this is what my boards looked like.

Then, I cut one of the foam brushes to be about 1.5cm wide (vs 1.5 inches) and using the white paint (no water added), I wrote out "love"


  1. Thanks Tawnya!! I'm really impressed with myself!! ;)

  2. So pretty. You are very talented!

    This would be a great addition to It's a Mom's Life Link Up. I hope you'll join us!