9 August 2013

DIY Growth Chart

I have seen these many times on Pinterest and decided to give it a go!  I think this is such a great idea. A way of keeping track of you child's heights, and its portable, so if you move, it goes with you!
So, I started out with a 6' fence board (we happened to have a few lying around). I used the same painting technique as I did in my DIY "Love" Wood Project.
Fence board before paint treatment

Fence board after paint treatment.
 I then used a square and some permanent markers to make the lines for the ruler. I started the heights at 6" so that if it hangs on the wall, you have 6" at the bottom, or, if palmer happens to grow over 6" tall, there is room at the top! :) (I guess we are in trouble if she is 6'7"). 

So, I marked out every inch. At each "foot" mark, I made the line 2". At each "half foot" mark, I made it 1.5" and the "quarter" marks at 1.25". The rest of the lines are 1" long.

For the numbers, I printed out the numbers 1-6, in a font I liked (I don't even remember what I used) and made it a size of 200 (I think). I then laid the piece of paper on the wood in the spot I wanted the number and traced over it with a pencil. This then left an indent of the outline. Then I used my marker to fill it in.

After putting on all the numbers and all the lines, this is what my ruler looks like. I'm going to ask Mitchell to put a coat of varnish over it while he has it out for the door!!

And for real, this didn't take me long at all! Probably less than an hour!

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  1. love this so important to keep memories like this