6 August 2013

Accidental Blogger

I'm not like some other bloggers out there who always knew they wanted to be a "mommy blogger" or blog about life and recipes and their family among many other things. Blogging came as kind of an accident, or so you could say. My first thoughts on being a blogger were that it was a way for me to share things with our family, most of which don't live in Lethbridge, and friends. Blogging gave me something to do while Palmer was napping. I didn't think I would end up enjoying blogging as much as I do. And, I have stumbled across a few other blogs along the way that have given me much inspiration.

Blogging is fun. It's rewarding. It gives me an outlet to share my ideas and activities. I have always been interested in being crafty and doing photography (capturing photos and editing them), and this blog has provided me with a means of sharing these hobbies with everyone. Now, blogging has become a new hobby I can share. And of course, it's a place for everyone to see the super adorable photos and follow the daily happenings of the sweet little Miss Palmer! 

Aside from all the fun things that come with blogging, it can be a lot of work! I'm constantly trying to come up with new ideas and fun things to add to the blog. Of course I can't blog about Palmer's every move (as much as I know you'd all love that ;) )  I gather inspiration from other blogs, Pinterest, and various other online sites. 

It makes me happy when I hear from others how much they enjoy the blog. I have had old friends I haven't seen in years tell me they read the blog. I've had people who came across me on Instagram tell me they enjoy the blog. Close family and friends, old and new friends - it really is amazing to me that people follow so closely. 

Blogging really puts you out there, for everyone to see and judge, but it has helped me to grow. I may not be the best writer ever, but my words are real. Writing was never my favourite thing, but when you are writing about something you love or something you are passionate about, it seems just flow! Blogging has become my journal, my scrapbook, my memories down on "paper", my place to vent, my place to share, and now, it has turned into my story.

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