4 August 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Palmer awaiting the arrival of Grandma and Uncle Troy

 We had a busy weekend this week. Grandma and Uncle Troy came from Saskatchewan on Friday for a visit to see us. We didn’t do too much on Friday except some visiting and stuff, but we did take lots of pictures. And of course, they showed up with gifts for Palmer, as usual. She sure is a spoiled little girl!!
Palmer's new toy

Palmer and Uncle Troy

Uncle Troy reading bedtime stories to Palmer
Saturday, Uncle Troy and Grandma took off to Calgary in the morning to do some shopping, so Mitch, Palmer and I spent the morning as a family. We had a little breakfast then went downtown to Penny Coffee House for some coffee, cinnamon buns and scones, all of which were delicious!
Our little family on Saturday afternoon

Palmer and Daddy at Penny Coffee House
Palmer and Mommy at Penny Coffee House
We did some other running around, stopped at the golf course to visit the Lowe’s , and headed over to Home Depot to pick up a few things for the house. Palmer sat in the cart like a big girl again. I think she enjoys it!
Palmer in Home Depot, sitting in the cart like a big girl!
We all enjoyed some dinner at our house Saturday evening. After supper, Troy, Mitch and I headed over to Evergreen Golf Centre while Grandma stayed with Palmer. Troy had never been on go-karts before, so we did that. I’m pretty sure I got the shotty go kart because mine didn’t go as fast as the other ones ;)
After go-karting, the three of us played a round of mini-golf, and the loser (me) treated us all to Menchies FroYo! My favourite!
at go-karting

Sunday started with some brunch at Paradise Golf Course. We had never been there before, but it was good and reasonably priced. All was going well until Palmer decided to put her hand on my coffee cup and spill it all over me! We were lucky it wasn’t burning hot!!!
After brunch, Mitch ad to go to work for a bit, so the rest of us played outside for a bit. It was finally nice enough out to enjoy the day! It’s been so crappy and rainy the past few days; it’s refreshing to be in the sun!

Later, I think the 3 of us will head out for a round of golf.

Nice little weekend if you ask me!
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